Loop delivers a streamlined virtual environment for sales personnel to practice sales techniques through sales scenarios and real objections. With its synchronous role-play and live-environment scenarios, reps and sales trainers experience the benefits of applied practice.

While working on Mobile Agility under employment of Maestro, LLC, I had the opportunity to build Loop, one of the Mobile Agility flagship products. The prototype won an award as part of the 2014 Salesforce.com hackathon and we went on to build that out to a production version later that year.

I was the sole iOS developer for the hackathon prototype as well as the MVP release. It leverages the CoreData framework and AFNetworking for accessing Salesforce.com data through a custom Apex API. Salesforce OAuth is used for authorization, and PSPDFKit is used for document annotation. Video chat is made possible with webRTC and sync features are implemented with web sockets. The app was built with extensive use of ReactiveCocoa.