Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

Kosoku Interactive, LLC is the professional consultancy of Jason R. Anderson. I specialize in custom native iOS and Android app development, and user experience design.

I have been developing code for one platform or another for nearly 20 years. I currently reside in Kalamazoo, MI but have spent an extensive period of time living just outside of Tokyo, Japan. I have experience developing and designing for the likes of SiriusXM, Four Winns, and Kellogg's as well as smaller organizations like Equis Productions, Tennis Courts Unlimited, and Hayden Shapes.

I'm a freelance app-building gun for hire, and I'd like to partner with you on your next project. If you're interested in working with me, please get in touch.

This Is What I Do

Mobile App Development

I specialize in native app development for iOS and Android, and have developed projects for large, consumer-facing, streaming audio companies, as well as smaller, snap-chat-esque start-ups. I can work solo or as part of a team and am experienced in agile development processes.

I can get up to speed quickly and manage any number of tasks with minimal supervision. Let me help you deliver those killer new features, or tackle that large tech debt reduction.

UI/UX Design

The iOS and Android platforms are two, completely different interaction paradigms and should be designed with separate experiences in mind. I'm deeply familiar with both Material Design for Android as well as Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.

Let me cut through your app's complexities and distill them to their simplest forms — with the appropriate UI accommodations for each platform.

Start-up Team Building & Training

Your software start-up needs to get a product to market quickly, but also needs to deliver a quality experience. Hire me to build your minimum viable product, and then let me help you hire the team that will continue to support you long-term.

You get a solid, working codebase on which to build your business, and you can be sure the team selected to continue the work is up to the task.

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